Thinking Made Visual.
Where to begin?   

My interest in the graphic design world all started with my obsession with a song. This may sound a bit strange but the song led me to an online forum for the artist where members created custom graphic signatures and avatars for their profiles. This is when I first started to play around and expirement with Photoshop. After seeing a few of my designs, a couple of friends asked if I had considered graphic design as a possible career option. Until then I had never realized just how much I enjoyed the creative process of working with photoshop and started to delve into it more and more.

Looking to continue my interest in graphic design I stumbled upon my first job in the industry as an apparel designer with a Morris Inc., a large screen printing company were I had the opportunity to create designs for organizations and companies such as the Indiana High School Athletic Association and Herf Jones. During this time my passion for graphic design grew and I decided to attend Ivy Tech Community College to further my knowledge not only in graphic design but web design as well.

Since coming to Ivy Tech I have had the privilege of interning at Print Resources, a print shop which deals with advertising and marketing campaigns and Angie's List, as website which provides consumer reviews of local service companies, as a web designer. Both of which have given me insight into different aspects of the design world. I have also had the opportunity to do freelance work in both print and web that has mainly focused around branding, marketing, and advertising.